A hot topic these days is consumers are looking for convenient ways to make good coffee in their own home. However, with so many choices, many consumers find it hard to choose the best coffee maker for a single coffee.

Many years ago there were already electric coffee machines available in many designs, but what you wanted then was totally dependent on you and your resources. If you were rich, you wanted a machine that was aesthetically perfect and mature. If you were not so rich that you wanted something that made nothing but the drink.

When talking about electric coffee makers, most people think of the automatic coffee maker. But that is not the only option – and maybe not the best! This article briefly discusses the different single serve coffee maker.

Automatic coffee machine

This is by far the most common automatic coffee machine. That’s so easy to use. Unfortunately, most of these machines do not make very good coffee. The main problem is that most coffee brews at too low a temperature.

Electric French press

If you like strong, full-bodied coffee, you should consider the electric French press. There are only two different models: one from Chef’s Choice and one from West Bend.

Electric Moka pot

This is a moka pot that has an electrical base and is very convenient to use. Instead of preparing the coffee on the stove, simply place the moka pot on the electric base and turn on the switch. Bialetti, Delonghi and La Pavoni are popular manufacturers of electric moka pots.

Electric cappuccino machine

Most popular is probably the Bialetti Mukka Express Electric, but there are others as well.

Automatic vacuum grinder

The automatic vacuum brewing machine makes good coffee and comfort at the same time. But unfortunately it does not seem so easy to make a decent automatic vacuum brewing machine. The only model currently available is the Bodum Santos electric coffee machine. It used to be sold as Starbucks Barista Utopia. This product is not that good and not recommended. Well, let’s hope someone will find a better product soon.

Electric percolator

Percolators are not the best way to make coffee, but some people seem to like the bitter exaggerated taste.

Coffee machine for single portions

Probably the most convenient way to prepare coffee for each time. With these coffee machines you use individually prepacked coffee quantities. The coffee is more expensive, but for many people the convenience is more than compensated.

If you like a large selection of flavored coffee, you should choose a Keurig machine. They have the widest selection, from Starbucks roast to Van Houtte roast to extreme flavors like Pumpkin Spice.

However, if you are looking for special drinks, consider a Tassimo or a Dolce Gusto. Note, however, that this machine does not have as many flavored coffees as the Keurig machines

Finally, if you want to use freshly ground coffee, you should avoid pod machines altogether. Instead, opt for the Hamilton Beach Single Serve “Scoop” machine. Use a generated spoon to fill with coffee to make drinks.