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There are many Newark restaurants you can choose from, it’s not hard to find a party venue in NJ, and there are quite a few local sports bars near Prudential Center. But if you want a one of a kind experience – one with a great atmosphere, menu, drinks, and more – there is only one Newark restaurant of choice: Brick City Bar and Grill.

Brick City Bar and Grill is one of the newest, most exciting local sports bars near Prudential Center.  Located in the heart of the city, Brick City Bar and Grillcombines the up-tempo, lively atmosphere of an action-packed sports bar with the high-end dining experience of a polished Newark restaurant.

The result? A party venue in NJ that gives you everything you want in a dining establishment and neighborhood bar.

Browse our menus for descriptions of mouth-watering appetizers and entrees for lunch and dinner – a wide range of classic American dishes with a unique twist. Check our times for the always-popular BCBG Happy Hour.

And make your plans today to reserve your spot at one of the most exciting high-end party venues in NJ – your neighborhood establishment, Brick City Bar and Grill.

Choosing from the Local Sports Bars near Prudential Center: What Do You Want?

What do you want in a sports bar and Newark restaurant?

Do you want great food – the kind of food that makes you salivate just thinking about it? Do you want great, American dishes with modern twists and unique flavors? We have that and more. Our lunch and dinner menus are packed with classic dishes and unique creations alike – from delectable Wings, South of the Border Nachos, and Brick City Big n’ Juicy to our Tri-Color Tortellini, Chicken Marsala, and Bricks Baby Back Ribs with our signature BBQ sauce in our lunch, dinner and event menus.

Do you want a great atmosphere – with over 20 HD plasma TVs, impeccable design and décor, and the right music to put you in a mood for a night out on the town? We have that too.  In fact, Brick City Bar and Grill is one of the most crowd-pleasing local sports bars near Prudential Center, only minutes from everything Newark has to offer.

If you want to catch the next New Jersey Devils game on the ice, and then take in a nice, high-end dinner in the city’s foremost upscale dining locales, we’re there.  If you want to get away from classes at Rutgers and take in a savory lunch, we’re there too.

To most individuals, in the beginning, the Pool Space seemed one of the most attractive as well as remarkable therefore the area to be. My heart was constantly with the Bar. It appeared extra intimate, clubby, even maybe a bit much more significant or intellectual as well as the flexible French walnut wall surface paneling had a warmer radiance as it got the light from the rising 20-foot home windows. Trigger by an oak flooring and also more walnut, the bar itself might be taken into consideration sculpture as well as, as constantly, the action around it was reason for creativity.

In the early days after the restaurant opened, my favorite minutes occurred 11:40 in the early morning. I would certainly stand a few steps up the south stairway leading to the mezzanine and also visualize the drama that was about to begin.

For a fast-paced party venue in NJ – as well as a sophisticated, yet fun place to eat, drink, watch sports, and spend time with your friends and family – turn to the only choice: Brick City Bar and Grill.

We pride ourselves in providing healthy nutritional meals.