Brick City Bar and Grill Will Make Your Event a Success

Celebrations are perfect opportunities to soak up food, fun, and friends – and we believe in indulging in those things at every chance you get.

There are very few things that can brighten up a week like a friend’s birthday party in a rocking birthday hall or an engagement party. That’s not all there are celebrations for every walk of life. Brick City Bar and Grill is here to help you celebrate every occasion the right way.

And we mean every special occasion! Brick City Bar and Grill specializes in events such as baby showers, engagement parties and graduations. Brick City Bar and Grill can help you make the decision on throwing a baby showerchoosing a wedding venue in New Jersey, or planning a corporate/business event.

Throwing a Baby Shower? Looking for a wedding venue in New Jersey?

If you answered yes to the above question then Brick City Bar and Grill is the perfect location for any event you may have planned for the year.

Need both food catering and a private party room for rent? BCBG is about to become your best friend, because this New Jersey restaurant has exactly that.

Or perhaps, you’d like a large birthday hall to give your friend (or yourself) the best birthday party ever! (There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday in an up-tempo birthday hall like ours.)

Finding a wedding venue in New Jersey can be a little difficult but Brick City Bar and Grill is here for you! In fact, you can get the whole location and food package with BCBG. This restaurant offers more than just a wedding venue in New Jersey because what venue is complete without amazing food catering? Brick City Bar and Grill has everything you could need to make your wedding venue in New Jersey the perfect place for your special occasion.

Throwing a baby shower? Well, you guessed it! Brick City Bar and Grill can help you throw the best baby shower you’ve ever thrown!

Brick City Bar and Grill Has Food Catering for Every Event

Everyone knows that an event’s location can be a “make it” or “break it” factor – but food catering is just as important as location.

With BCBG, you know that you’ll be getting high quality food and excellent service for any event you have scheduled.

We’ve covered food catering, the birthday hall, and the private party room for rent. Now, let’s talk about other events because we are available for something less personal such as corporate and business events. Brick City Bar and Grill’s food catering and private party room for rent are perfect even for professional settings.

Why limit yourself when you have so many special occasions and events you could be celebrating with Brick City Bar and Grill in the private party room for rent?